One Hope Campaign 

writing for Change,Justice,and Peace

Mother Teresa of Calcutta 

Mother Teresa devoted her life to being a person of compassion and love. She was always so kindhearted and gave all she had in the biggest ways possible. Last spring and summer I could definitely say that I found myself, and my passion. During the Spring I chose to become Confirmed into my Catholic Faith. During this  time I  had to choose a Saint  Name, which is now apart of my name. This was a whole years process of thinking. I read about A lot of saints, and their stories which was pretty cool: but I had to find that one person who I could and would want to identify with for the rest of my Life. I had to chose a Saint with whom I could model my life after, and through the years i've always loved Mother Teresa. When I finally found out that she is a Saint, I knew I would use Mother Teresa as my Saint name. She took so much pride in the little things that make life so great, and I want to be that kind of person. "do Little things with great love" one of my favorite quotes by her. I can't change the world, end wars, or give a better life to those living in poverty,or take a persons pain and hurt away from their hearts, but If I do this campaign along with others who have  great love and compassion, thats when the biggest difference will be made. Mother Teresa inspires me to be a better person, to love instead of judge,and to not be afraid of making a difference despite those who may try and bring me down. This campaign is strongly inspired by Mother Teresa, and my Faith.